I am writing a GUI in GKTMM for my own learning experience and to use on a personal project I have at home. The data will be stored in a MySQL database on a server I already have running in my home and which I use for some PHP/JavaScript code that supports a 'library' application I wrote to keep track of the books my wife and I read.

I have a working GUI program but need to tie it into MySQL. Should I use MySQL++ for this or one of the Gnome data access middleware systems (e.g., libgdamm)? What are the advantages of one over the other? I have doc for MySQL++ and am working on a non-GUI program to learn those classes and methods (see another post) and would appreciate if you recommend libgdamm or like middleware, if you could include a link to that doc as well.

BTW, my target system is a Ubuntu 10.04 and I may look to port it to Windows (but that's a ways down the road).

Many Thanks!