Q1: design a system that will read students information, display them in a table form, and implement some operation on them. The system must show the following:
Do you want to add new students?
Do you want to display the student information?
Calculate the average of the final marks and Standard deviation
Calculate the % of students how get marks grater then X “you have to specify X [read X]”
Display a table that shows the % of students that get A,A-,B+,B,B-,C+,C,,D+,D,E,F.
Student information must include the following: name, metric number, MT, course work, project mark, carry mark, final exam, final mark.
You have to enter the student name, metric number, MT, course work, project mark, final exam
Final mark=final exam + carry mark
Carry mark= MT + course work + project mark

The code must include the following: structures, pointers, functions, function’s parameters must be passed by references (use addresses and pointers), the declaration of any object belong to the structure must be in a pointer form

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