What should I export my Java project to?

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Yes this is a IDE question, I'm doing it on Eclipse.
I don't know which one I need to export to, I tried exporting to .xml and tried opening it but nothing happened.
I want to put it in a website.

I want to put it in a website

Is it an applet to run in an html page?
Or are do you want to put all the project's files into a single file(like a zip) so others can download it for their own use?

Oh cool! I didn't know you could have a zip so people can download it.
Can I have both? (Sorry for being greedy but it would be so nice to have both)

Uh, how do I export it to ZIP file or export it to be compatible to be played on an html file or a web file?

how do I export it to ZIP file

If you are using an IDE, ask the question on their forum.

Here's a batch file I use to create a zip file for one of my projects:

@REM Build zip file with EasyBridge executeable stuff

set JarName=EasyBridge4-0-3Exe.zip
@REM copy doc files to where the jar command will get them
copy ..\Readme.doc Release\Readme.doc
copy ..\History.doc Release\History.doc
jar -cf %JarName% BitMaps/*
cd Release
jar -uf ..\%JarName% *.lnk CJ609Lib.dll EasyBridge.cnt EasyBridge.exe EasyBridge.GID EasyBridge.hlp EasyBUtils.dll EasyBWizards.dll History.doc Readme.doc
@echo ------------ Created %JarName% ------------------

played on an html file

Is the program an applet? Only applets fit into html pages.

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Well, zipping the files will not allow you to do that. All zipping does is compress multiple files into 1, but to access the files again you have to unzip, this means whoever you give it to would need to compile the code just like you did to use the program.(I think)

To use Java on a webpage, you need to create a Java Applet. If that is not what you did then it will be very difficult/maybe impossible to do that now without re coding everything. (Not 100% sure)

To make it standalone, You need to create a JAR file from your code. Try searching google for how to do that. You can also convert JAR files to EXE files.


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I can export to a runnable JAR file but when I open it, it does nothing!

There are a few options. One is a jar file as mentioned above. If you're doing web deployment, you might want to look into making a JNLP.

If your jar file does nothing, check for error messages. If there aren't any, it's possible you have a problem with your code. Are you actually creating a JFrame or something else visible?

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an xml file cannot be seen, its used to transfer data. Unless you have a html file to show the data, it will not show.

The IDE is a development environment, therefore it can compile and run a piece of code with just the .java extension.

SO what do I do?
Make an html file and make it show the data on the xml?
How do I make it so you could just download the file, open it and run the project?

Why do you have a .xml file in the first place? I thought it was a java project. Java projects contain .java and .class extensions. To make it like you ask, you just create a .JAR file. And to make something actually pop up, you need something visible, such as a JFrame. If you wrote your program just using the system prompt then I think you need to open the JAR file using the command prompt.

I'm not sure what your goals are.

If you want to make your program run on a web page, create an applet and put it in a html file - some IDEs generate this for you.

Hrmm, I got the xml by extracting the .JAR with winRAR.
Can you tell me some IDE that creates applets?

You need to create an applet. It is not done automatically. You will most probably need to recode to create an applet. Search google for tutorials on creating java applets.

JCreator has an option to create a Java applet, and it auto-generates HTML files. You can however, make an applet in any IDE or text editor by simply extending Applet and writing your own HTML file.

The OP needs to find an expert for his IDE.
Many beginners spend lots of time sorting out how to use their IDE instead of learning programming.

So uh, I don't know if this is rude or anything but I mean no harm.
What is the point of Java?

Well it's a programming language...

Not sure what you mean by your question...do you mean why use Java over other programming languages, or what's the point of programming in general?

Ask the same question about any other language. There is the answer. :)

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Java is meant for cross-platform programs - basically, anything you write on one machine in Java can be executed on a totally different machine without any problems (in theory).

Java doesn't make websites, but it allows you to code applets which you can put in a webpage, and anyone with Java installed on their computer can visit that webpage and use the applet.

And of course, Java also does a whole bunch of other stuff. A programming language has endless possibilities, it just provides the foundation for you to do something.

Side note: If you need a more detailed answer, perhaps start a new thread?

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Uh, just a little more, I don't think I need a new thread.
What is Java for that's not a Java Applet, normal Java that I'm doing now.

That would probably be called a Java application, and you can do everything that you can do with applets, and more, like reading & writing files.

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