i gat a mmogame called RF online but the game is in korean some pp translated a little of it but i wont to know how to do it so i can finsh it its a EDF file and i wont to add more maps to the server becouse the real game has alot more games and this is just a beta version heres the links to download them
heres the game
< splat by moderator >
heres the server files
< splat by moderator > if this one dosnt work then try this link
< splat by moderator >


This forum is meant for discussing programming languages in addition to exchanging code and algorithms. However, it has become a problem where too many students are posting homework problems expecting a quick solution without ever trying for themselves. Not only does this constitute cheating, but it is very discouraging, frustrating, and annoying to everyone who takes valuable time to answer programming support questions.

Though we are all here to help, please don't expect quick solutions to your homework. We'll help you get started, exchange algorithm ideas, how-to's, etc. but only if you show that you're willing to put in effort as well.


Thanks for understanding and for your cooperation! These rules are here to make DaniWeb a student-friendly place to learn.

Dave -- why are you being so polite and nice? just delete this offending thread :)

this is not even homework its a mmo game

It's also that you're asking us to help you break something that a Korean company likely has some stake in keeping unbroken.

There are legal issues here.

The quoted text tells you that this forum IS FOR DISCUSSING PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES.

What you want is someone to do everything for you, right? Do you even know where to start with this potentially dangerous endeavor? Do you even know if the game is coded In C/C++?


I am closing this thread.

There are legal issues here, including the reverse engineering of the software. You might even need to do some nibble editing and other methods. Whenever the source code is not available, you run a very serious risk of making things unstable.

Granted, it could be fun, but if you want to work on the company's game, you best contact them directly.


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