Im going to make a program that is much like a calender. I havent started coding anything yet because I would like some advice on how to make the program "alive".

- I wont it to be able to start up automatically when windows starts.
- Run in the background.
- Pop up or similar when an event begins.

If anyone have knows how to do this or knows a good tutorial about the subject I highly appreciate it.

thank you

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To load it when the windows start, you can port the .exe into the directory where the startup programs are located. That way, whenever you start your computer, your program gets executed in the background, just like other startup programs.

As for the rest of your question, you need to be very specific. Define all events and
what they are. What can the program do? What can't it do? How does it look? You should really have a concrete idea before you program this, as this will be a big project( subjective ).

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