I am using matrix class to perform image transformations.Problem is that I want to do a perspective transform, which requires a 3x3 matrix. system.drawing.drawing2d.matrix behaves like a 3x2 matrix.

Here's a short code extract of what I use the matrix for:

Graphics my_graphics= Graphics.FromImage(my_image);  
           my_graphics.Transform = my_matrix; 
           my_graphics.DrawImage(my_image2, new Point(0, 0));
//so I want to use my_matrix to transform my_image2 and paste it into my_image

I am looking for a framework or something like that, that will allow me to make a 3x3 matrix and then perform image transformation with that matrix, as given in code above. Currently I'm looking at accord.net, which does have the 3x3 matrix, but I'm still looking for a way to use his matrix to transform images.