Firstly i know your gonna say "OMG this guy just want to make his homework using our help"
"Wow, this guy is so stupid not knowing this"

Yes, i dont know this.. and yes this is my homework..
i'm not asking a direct answer atleast just teach me while pointing out how to use this.
(explanation that i can understand no complex explanations please)

Here it goes.. how do you change vowels into a different vowel (ex. A turns to E) using strings think they call this piglakin i'm not hoping for someone to give the whole code
atleast point out how to make one.

Well assuming that you have a string and you want to change it, you can
used this

std::string test="abcde";
std::cout<<"Test == "<<test<<std::endl;

The string class provides the operator[] which allows you to examine and change each letter in the string. That along with a loop will allow you to change the vowels in a string to anything you please.

If you get a little more sophisticated you can start using functions like find() etc. But start with a loop first.

If you get stuck, post the code you have ... hope this helps.

It's Pig Latin, not piglakin. Read this wiki article to see how to convert English words into pig latin. It will not give you the c/c++ code, but will show you what you have to do.