I am trying to run a program that uses raw file as an input file and then use a function that requires input file data into uint8_t array type argument. The problem is that when I use the sample input raw file, it works perfect but when I use my own raw file, it won't work and I am trying to find out why. Is there anyway I can compare whether those raw files contain same structure information or not? I am actually very confused about the concept of raw file. So I have an image and I get a byte of each pixel information and save it into unsigned char array (row major style). Is that a correct way to create raw file from the image? I need to create a uint8_t array (or unsigned char array) based on image information (from jpeg or any image file) and I am not quite sure how. Could someone help me on this? Thank you so much


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Where's the code?

Actually, I figured it out! Thanks for the reply though ;)

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