Hi all,
What tool can i use or what ways can i deploy to allow me to combine c# with python or vice-versa.
Please let me know of any tools or way which you all had done it before because i had serch quite alot but i still cannot make it to be functioning.

With ironpython you can write in python with full acess to the .NET Framework.
For a python programmers this is very fine,dont have to learn a more verbose and static types language as C#.

You have BOO that use a python like way to write code.
But are statically typed and do not have the true dynamic typed power of python,that you use with ironpython.

combine c# with python or vice-versa

Combing i dont know how smart that is or if it possible,with ironpython you can dropp C#.
C# has off course better and more documation for working against .NET.
And maybe framework like XNA(game), silverlight are eaiser to develop in C#,because of documation.

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