I've created a software and i want to sell it, how may I proceed

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Put it out on your lawn with a 'for sale' sign on it.


LMAO, what exactly have you created ?

You got that sort of backwards. First you find a customer with a problem, then you write the software.

If you think your software is so great, you can spend a few million of your own money for packaging, advertisment, and distribution. Or, if you aren't quite that confident or wealthy, you can put it on the net as shareware.

put it in a vegetable market and sell it.

I find this amusing, especially after looking at his signature.


I find this amusing, especially after looking at his signature.


:lol: :lol: good catch!

Donate it to your church and use it like a in your tax deductions.


make some kind of activation key algorithm. Sell the software online, when a user orders a copy just send out a CD containing your software with an activation key on it? It doesn't have to be professional really...you could just burn CDs and write on them if you wanted I would think.

What sites do you recommend I have sell it for me in a download format?

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