Hai Friends,

I am very new to perl Scripting... but my task is somewhat tricky..

Actually i want to connect remote machine from local.. I think it is possible using Net-SSH-Perl but i unable to install in windows platform.
if anybody have answer? Please give some idea about connecting remote server..
The below code i tried to install Net-SSH-Perl from command prompt:

C://perl/site/lib> ppm install Net-SSH-Perl.ppd

The Output(Error) is:
ppm Install failed : The PPD does not provide code to install for this platform

Thanks in advance..

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Windows does not support ssh natively.
Linux, FreeBSD, MAC OS all do.

If it's local to the network, you could possibly make a system call to telnet?
Not the best solution... but you're running windows.

Can you write some socket client/server app to run on the remote machine, listen for a connection from your client, then execute the commands you want from your script?

I'd be doing you a disservice if I didn't at least point you to a few places where you might learn to write your own remote server client in perl... (actually sounds like fun :) )

a tutorial
The docs

There are other very nice references that google will give you

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