Hai Friends,

I am very new to perl Scripting... but my task is somewhat tricky..

Actually i want to connect remote machine from local.. I think it is possible using Net-SSH-Perl but i unable to install in windows platform.
if anybody have answer? Please give some idea about connecting remote server..
The below code i tried to install Net-SSH-Perl from command prompt:

C://perl/site/lib> ppm install Net-SSH-Perl.ppd

The Output(Error) is:
ppm Install failed : The PPD does not provide code to install for this platform

Thanks in advance..

Windows does not support ssh natively.
Linux, FreeBSD, MAC OS all do.

If it's local to the network, you could possibly make a system call to telnet?
Not the best solution... but you're running windows.

Can you write some socket client/server app to run on the remote machine, listen for a connection from your client, then execute the commands you want from your script?

I'd be doing you a disservice if I didn't at least point you to a few places where you might learn to write your own remote server client in perl... (actually sounds like fun :) )

a tutorial
The docs

There are other very nice references that google will give you

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