What is the windows api virtual keycode for the ` key(the one next to the 1 key), i can't seem to find it anywhere on google or msdn.

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I have never had this problem. Whenever I need a keycode for anything, I make a tiny utility (or hack the existing program) so that it spits out the keycode in a message box when I press the key or use charmap.exe. Are you looking for a macro or something?


The key I'm looking for isn't there, but I used your idea. I setup a breakpoint and looked at what key code was being sent to my program when i pressed ` and it was 192, so I made my own macro to represent it. And btw, I use their macros because I can't be bothered writing my own xD


I make my own because I can't be bothered decrypting their horribly worded macro's and soiling up my code with someone else's words in there, especially if all it is is just a simple number representing a character.

So to me its all about readability since I am not limited to their naming convention by making my own macro, and since its still a macro, its portable for different keyboard's.

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