I am facing one problem in this type of pro-gramme where i use Class name as a Return type or pass object as an argument like here , i am getting same error(the class already defined), i am using eclipse.

****class Test //showing error that the class Test already defined
	int a,b;
	Test(int i,int j){
	boolean equals(Test o){
	    return true;
		else return false;
public class Object2 {

	public static void main(String[]args){
	Test ob1=new Test(10,20);
	Test ob2=new Test(30,40);
	Test ob3=new Test(10,20);
	System.out.println("ob1==ob2 is" + ob1.equals(ob2));
	System.out.println("ob2==ob3 is" + ob2.equals(ob3));
	System.out.println("ob1==ob3 is" + ob1.equals(ob3));

I don't see where you posted the text of the error message from the compiler.
Please copy and paste here the full text of the error message.