i would like to write a program regarding the give character is vovel or consants but i am able to input the character can any one tell with full netbeans program including jTextField and all...........

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Can you show us the code you have now and explain what your problems are with it?
To determine if a characters is a vowel or consonant you need to do some kind of lookup.
One way would be to have a String of each and use indexOf to see if the given char belongs to one or the other.


what is your question? if we can tell whether you can write such a program?
well, if you have some knowledge of Java, yes, you can, but we won't do it for you.

if you 're new to Java, forget the UI for now, just start off with the 'checking for vowel' part. it's exactly the same whether it's used in a GUI app or a DOS prompt environment.

if you are new to Java, I would also recommend to forget about Netbeans for now. might be better to learn a bit about Swing and awt, before you start depending on a Wysiwyg-editor.

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