hello everybody
hi im a student of SGRRITS (my institute) in my inst we have turbo c++.
is it a good platform for doing programming now a days and does any industry us it now a days.
no.2: please can you suggest me its substitute which are better than it.
no.3: which is the latest technology for this.
also tell me which is the last c++ compiler launched by borland international.

Oky man , just dig the past threads and google before you ask.

CodeLite IDE is better than that(for me).

Turbo C++ 3.0 and it's IDE is still using in the industry where we need
to develop the real time applications for x86.For a example ,you need to
develop a application for FreeDos,to use on your embedded x86 device.

Then turbo C++ comes to the windows and linux 32-bit environment too.After that
it named to Borland C++ builder for win32.it's used on the industry.But I'm not
using it.Specially for maintaining the old code that written using Borland C++

You need to pay money to buy borland products , so therefore my friendly idea is
to move to CodeLite or Code::Blocks which are free. and Turn to development to
linux plactform by installing linux on your computer.where Os is free and IDE/Compilers are

Borland have win32 library ported for win32 older bgi graphics.Such as the older
games are ported to the win32 using those library.And many uses the DosBox and
DosEmu to emulate the dos platform where we need dos.So Dos is a platform
independent thing these days, but still used in the industry, specially for
the real time applications , where that's why OSes like FreeDos are exists, where
it support the protected mode real time programming too.But if you don't have
the industry relationships with those type of industry it's a worth to learn
programming for old pain DoS.

And for the interest I just go to their site.
You may be ask from their community.looks like many RAD like tools are added
to the IDE and it's enhanced today.Last time I could remember that I used Borland
Turbo C++ 3.0.

1. TC is an awful thing from the past. Not only is it non-standard but it builds 16-bit executables which fail to work on the now-familiar 64-bit architecture.

2. There are GCC & MSVC

3. Latest Technology??

4. Borland ceases to launch it's compilers but launches IDEs. It's acquired by CodeGear, which in turn is acquired by Embarcadero Technologies. Latest C++ IDE: C++ Builder 2010. Although being a nice IDE, it's really slow & bulky. It however features the boost & the Indy libraries.

thanks for your replies

CodeLite IDE is better than that(for me).

i downloaded it n install in my system as you know that i am new with it.
i wrote source codes but i don't know how to compile that n from where do i get output file.