hi guys... i am working on the project in vb.net in visual studio... my computer's name is homesys(Computer name as shown in MY Computer Properties)....
when i try to make crystal report using sql server 2008 database... which i made it in visual studio itself, i am unable to get the connection
i tried homesys,localhost,localhost:5050,localhost:8080 for the server names to establish the connection but i always got the error saying login failed.......
could any one pls hlp me. it's urgent i need to complet my project
how to know the server name ..

thnx in advance

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The error message "login failed" suggests the a connection is created but that either
a) you not using windows authentication but the connection string is set for a proper login,
b) you're not using windows authentication and the username and/or password is wrong.
c) you are using windows authentication but the connection string is wrong (Connectionstrings) or

You should look into those scenarios.

pls help how to get the server name, username and password for sqlserver 2005. My computer name is homesys, i have three users administrator,Computer and User... pls help me....

The simplest way, I guess, would be to use Server Explorer in Visual Studio.
There you will see, if any, the database server and it's name.
You will find it in the View menu.


server name will be displayed in the server explorer, add \sqlexpress to that to make
your connection
ex- if the server name is kartik-22e9a587 then use the sql server name as kartik-22e9a587\sqlexpress then choose the approproate steps

tanx bro

any tym bro

Thanks @ kaar3k

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