This is a proper beginner's question, as you can tell from the thread's title. I have to say, working with java is so much less frustrating.

I created a managed c++ project on eclipse, and created a c++ class. Problem is I can't run any of the codes I write in it. These aren't my codes actually, they are codes from the "C++ How to Program" textbook that I'm reading and learning c++ from.

Also, with Java when I press ctrl+space bar I get tips on code tips. With C++, nothing.

For example, if I typed in Java,

String a = "Haha!";

and then


- a list of string related methods would drop down.

I might as well be writing my codes on notepad. For a programming language this complex I would have expected there would be some way to do this rather than just having people walk around blind. To you guys, the experts, this isn't probably an issue. To me, I just feel lost. And it doesn't help that I'm in uncharted territory.

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the feature you described before is a feature for c++, but as you use the . in Java some things you can use :: on to show different methods available , don't quote me on that though

You are probably just doing something wrong or having a configuration issue. You might refer to Eclipse's Help and/or post in a dedicated Eclipse forum.

Can someone please just tell me how to do this? I cannot find any help anywhere. The eclipse forum is as helpful as a dog teaching math. I probably have a better chance at walking on my tongue to the ends of the earth than getting an answer. I've been there before. I posted a question a month ago and no one replied.

Which IDEs do you guys use if you don't use Eclipse? How do you run simple c++ codes?

Why is C++ so frustrating, even at such an early stage???

I believe Visual C++ gives a list of functions similar to java as stated in the OP when you use ::

You can download a trial version of it from

I'm not sure how long the trial version lasts for. When I was using a compiler for c++ I used pico editor which is pretty close to using notepad then used GNU to compile the code.

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