I had been working on perl netssh in office. Now i need to configure it at home bt i am not able to.

I installed activeperl.

Running command makefile gives error "Mingw or c compiler not installed". then it automatically invokes mingw installation. But this installation terminates in between with error that "host closed connection without sending any data."

so i installed MinGw manually also but even now i am not able to run makefile.

Suggest wat to do?

Can u suggest manual installation of modules

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Neither ssh or a standard c compiler ship with windows. You need a c compiler. You can get one from cygwin.


now i have installed cygwin but now get error that "c compiler path is not set and mingw is not installed".
Then it starts downloading mingw and halts in midst.
Please suggest how to set the c compiler path in path variable.
I have already installed visual studio 2008 on my machine. It must be having a c compiler.

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