Hi.. Here is a program about determining the total number of green-necked vulture eggs counted by all conservationists in the conservation district.

The program in fact works correctly but there is a line which i am not being able to understand its use in the program and it is the line "cin >> next".

Hope to get some explanation about this code..thank you in advance.

//DISPLAY 4.9 Nicely Nested Loops 
//Determines the total number of green-necked vulture eggs
//counted by all conservationists in the conservation district.
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int get_one_total();
//Precondition: User will enter a list of egg counts
//followed by a negative number.
//Postcondition:returns a number equal to the sum of all the egg counts.

int main( )
cout << "This program tallies conservationist reports\n"
<< "on the green-necked vulture.\n"
         << "Each conservationist's report consists of\n"
         << "a list of numbers. Each number is the count of\n"
         << "the eggs observed in one"
         << " green-necked vulture nest.\n"
         << "This program then tallies"
         << " the total number of eggs.\n";

    int number_of_reports;
    cout << "How many conservationist reports are there? ";
    cin >> number_of_reports;

    int grand_total = 0, subtotal, count;
    for (count = 1; count <= number_of_reports; count++)
        cout << endl << "Enter the report of "
             << "conservationist number " << count << endl;
        subtotal = get_one_total ();
        cout << "Total egg count for conservationist "
             << " number " << count << " is " 
             << subtotal << endl;
        grand_total = grand_total + subtotal;

    cout << endl << "Total egg count for all reports = "
         << grand_total << endl;

    return 0;

//Uses iostream:
int get_one_total()
    int total;
    cout << "Enter the number of eggs in each nest.\n"
         << "Place a negative integer"
         << " at the end of your list.\n";

    total = 0;
    int next;
    cin >> next;
    while (next >= 0)
        total = total + next;
        cin >> next;
    return total;


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Please use code tags.

The line


takes input from the user for the number of eggs and then adds it to total. The while loop continues taking the number of eggs in each nest till the user enters any negative number.

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