Hi Im new here ... I was wondering if anyone could help with the following ...click for zip vb6 file
This is my 4th week with VB6 - previously my only coding experience was with PLC's writing using ladder logic, Omron specifically, I hope it is a silly mistake on my part.
I have an I/O card link to card vb6 SOURCE from manufacturer inc. DLL (small D/L) basically I am using the keyboard to increase or deacrease a setpoint then have a few lines of code to look at this and the input from 2 temperature probes -do a comparison and then close a relay on the I/O card. this works fine as long as I am moving the setpoint using the keyboard. If the variable from the probe changes (due to temperature) then nothing happens :sad:

I dont know how to have the above mentioned events activate the code by itself ... any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :eek: