I want to make a small backup script to copy files to cdr. Are there any python modules that can accomplish this?

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I want to do this for a windows xp system. My wife works for a hair salon, at this salon they need a simple software backup plan. Currently the salon software creates a database file(.zip) every 4 hours. then it just saves this file on the harddrive.

I would like to make a python script that would automaically copy these database files to cdr. I was thinking maybe a command line app like cdrecord for windows might be the way to go. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Yesm, you could probably write a ms-dos batch file. It would be easier under Linux as you could just script it and specify your arguments.

I know there are many systems for regular backups for windows but mainly they are for Tape drives. CdR's I dont know about. Have you tried googling or looking on download sites or maybe MSDN.

Task scheduler (Is that in XP I have 98?) could open it but I dont know about getting it to actually do it.

Is windows python the same as Linux python which I am fairly competent in?

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