This is Homework related. I've been struggling in this C++ class for some time now and my teacher basically hands us the book and says learn it and will not help or assist... and sometimes i can manage to get something that runs but this one takes the cake... i'm completely lost. I'm willing to work at it but i honestly have no idea even where to start. :( Any assistance or someone that will take the time....would be a godsend.

this was a special note i have no idea what it means:

NOTE: You will NOT ask for Ann’s new units and grade points with cout/cin statements. You will hard code the new units and grade points in the function for studentAnn. Be sure to look at the run section in the program directions to see how you will code the information.

Write a program that declares these objects:

GradeRecord studentAnn("45-2791", 14, 49);
GradeRecord studentBob("67-5803", 25, 50);

Output the grade data for Ann and Bob using the operation writeGradeInfo( ). Assume Ann take four units and gets an A (16 grade points). Update her data using the operation updateGradeInfo( ). Prompt the user to input units (16) and grade points (55) for Bob and update his GPA. Output the new grade information for Ann and Bob using the operation writeGradeInfo( ). Use the format demonstrated by the following Run Section. Create a free function that output the asterisks.

Run Section:

Ann's Grade Information:
Student:  45-2791 Units:  14 GradePts:  49 GPA:  3.50


Bob's Grade Information:
Student:  67-5803 Units:  25 GradePts:  50 GPA:  2.00


Enter Bob's units: 16
Enter Bob's grade points: 55

Bob's Grade Information:
Student:  67-5803 Units:  41 GradePts:  105 GPA:  2.56


Ann's Grade Information:
Student:  45-2791 Units:  18 GradePts:  65 GPA:  3.61

( code so far this is what i have built / to build on)


gpa = double (gradepts) / units = 3.45


#include <isostream.h>

#include “graderec.h”
#include “textlib.h”

Int main()
    // Bob is a new freshman
    GradeRecord bob (“18-8127”);
    Int newUnits, newGradePts;

    //output grade records for Bob
    cout  << “Bob’s GPA is “ <<setreal (1,2)
              << bob.gpa() << endl;

    cout  << “Bob’s 1st semester grade points and units: “;
    cin >> newUnits >> newGradePts;
    bob.updateGradeInfo (newUnits, newGradePts);

    return 0;

I would actually start by implementing the GradeRecord class, if it hasn't been provided for you already. That's really more the key to this sort of problem than the main() function will be.

Also, I am assuming that <isostream.h> is supposed to be <iostream.h> , in which case I can only assume that your textbook, your compiler and most likely your professor are at least ten years out of date. The modern version is called simply <iostream> . Most modern compilers will support both versions, but the one without the ".h" extension is strongly preferred.

Finally, when posting here, you should always put your code in between [code] and [/code] tags, or use the [code] button at the top of the editing window and paste it in.