Attached is a file (GUI.png), I quickly did this in excel so.. It looks pretty crappy obviously. But when you take a look at the image and the layout of the components etc. What would you say is the best LayoutManager to use with this? GUI design is fun, but I also hate it and I'm not that good with it..

*PS if you can think of a better name for the program (it's just a simple app that stores peoples details, like a phonebook on your cell) please let me know! "ContactKeeper" sounds too cheesy.. And it makes it sound cheap.


you can use the GridBagLayout. and the easiest way to create this is by using JFormDesigner where such GUI can be made in 2 or 3 minutes.
you can name it AddressBook

I had a look at the GridBagLayout and it looks SUPER complicated! But if that's the only option I have then so be it. This JFormDesigner, obviously it generates the code for you after you made the design, I've heard that the code that these things through out is very unmanageable and messed up. Is this true?

*AddressBook is cool, although I was looking for something more 'techy' LOL. Something like 'PersonaPad' or something..