I am a beginner in coding and have just started learning C++. We have been given a project of making bloxorz but unfortunately none of my team members and me know much about GUI and we are in a hurry.
Plz suggest some concise locations to read only the basics.....
Thankx in advance!

you can install microsoft visual C++ or C# and use windows forms. You have to write minimal of the code as designing the GUI is drag and drop process. Or if you prefer JAVA then use netbeans IDE which also allows you to make GUI using Drag and Drop criteria.

Is the programming of visual C++ similar to C++?

MSVC (MicroSoft Visual Studio) is just an IDE/compiler, "Visual C++" -is- C++, though I wouldn't say with complete certainty that it is 100% standards compliant, I think for your purposes it is effectively the same as "C++"

MSVC comes with a resource creator (for drag and drop creation of windows) which also allows you to easily modify the resource properties (such as names to use in message loop)

Good luck!