Hi. How can i make Dialog box visible only in one application window for examlpe only on firefox? I'm using MFC.
Thank you

Firefox is a web browser, not an application window. You are going to have to explain a lot better what you are attempting to do.

I need to create a small window with a timer wich will be visible only in firefox and then i'll minimize firefox window will disappear. Hope i made myself clear? And by the way i need window to apear again then i'll maximize firefox

Confusion -- how are you making a browser window with C++ and MFC??? I know MFC has an html control, but that doesn't use a browser.

In html code I think it can check the browser type and act accordingly. But you'd have to ask that question in one of the other forums here, not in c++.

I don't need to make browser window. I just need Dialog box wich will be only on firefox. Not something like toolbar. Just Dialog Box...

And how to you expect a Dialog box to run on a browser (Firefox, IE, or anything else)? AFAIK it can't. MFC programs run directly on a PC computer that is running MS-Windows operating system. FF also runs on MS-Windows but has to get all its information from a web server across the internet.

But i guess it's possible to get Firefox status (minimized or maximized) and hide or show dialog box?

call win32 api function EnumWindows() to see if FF is running.

But it will find window regerdless it's minimized or maximized. Am i correct?

So i should try using GetWindowPlacement()?

After you call EnumWindows() to find the get the window's HWND handle.

SetParent(); This was the function i needed :) Thank you anyway