Hi. How can i make Dialog box visible only in one application window for examlpe only on firefox? I'm using MFC.
Thank you

Firefox is a web browser, not an application window. You are going to have to explain a lot better what you are attempting to do.

I need to create a small window with a timer wich will be visible only in firefox and then i'll minimize firefox window will disappear. Hope i made myself clear? And by the way i need window to apear again then i'll maximize firefox

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Confusion -- how are you making a browser window with C++ and MFC??? I know MFC has an html control, but that doesn't use a browser.

In html code I think it can check the browser type and act accordingly. But you'd have to ask that question in one of the other forums here, not in c++.

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I don't need to make browser window. I just need Dialog box wich will be only on firefox. Not something like toolbar. Just Dialog Box...

And how to you expect a Dialog box to run on a browser (Firefox, IE, or anything else)? AFAIK it can't. MFC programs run directly on a PC computer that is running MS-Windows operating system. FF also runs on MS-Windows but has to get all its information from a web server across the internet.

But i guess it's possible to get Firefox status (minimized or maximized) and hide or show dialog box?

But it will find window regerdless it's minimized or maximized. Am i correct?

SetParent(); This was the function i needed :) Thank you anyway

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