I'm planning to buy a few books for C++.
I want to learn C++ at it's deepest.
You may say, I want to be C++ program developer.
I'm currently having C++ in my study courses too.

Which are recommended books?

This thread has a huge list of books.
Don't think I can buy all of 'em.

And I've a little experience in C, ASP.NET.

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you can try the books in the sticky thread http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread70096.html.
absolute c++ and c++ programming from problem analysis to program design is also a good.

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I've read that thread.
But there are just too many recommendations in there.
Confused outta hell which are to buy?

No one?

I read C++ for dummies, it was a bit much for a beginner programmer in c++.

You can try one of the many online tuts, they are very good! I started out w/ this one:

Good luck!

I'm going for c++ how to program by Deitel.
What else will I need to learn game programming?
Don't know anything about it though. :P


There is a online tutorial available at the following location. It is very good.


All the best.


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