how do i get latest transaction from sql database. All the records is saved in sql database and i use different application to grab the data from sql base on transaction. I use SELECT statement but i don't know how to make it unique variable/ID. 1st user might have 5 records and 2nd user 10 records and 3rd user 5 records and so on. How can i use SELECT statement to grab this record based on the transaction.
how do i create unique variable to define different transaction in sql select statement.

Please guide me !!!

If I understand this correctly, the following -

"SELECT * FROM MyTableName WHERE UserId =" & "'" & MyUserIdNumber & "'"

'Now move the returned recordset to the last record in the table set.


Do this variable differentiate base on transaction and user. Because i need something to make it its a different transaction from different user. And if each time there is a transaction (contain max 10 records)i want to select it using select statement. But the problem is i don't know how to create or how to differentiate the transaction.

Please help


anyone knows how to solve my problem.

Sorry, I was stuck in some projects. Send me your table structure. I'm not sure what exactly it is you are trying to achieve here. Different users getting there data from one table? or many? Each user has his own table? Is the user id saved in the table. What kind of data is added? etc.

Are you trying to get the ID of the last transaction? The Unique ID?

- Jordan


yes exactly that the one i searching for but i dont know how to make it as a unique. my scenario is each and every time there is transaction i want to grab the file (SELECT statement) and update to different location of sql table. How do i do that because currently if the sql table(CUSTOMERTRANSACTION) already have 5 records (previous record from different transaction) and if let say a new user enter 4 records in the current transaction and this transaction will be stored in (CUSTOMERTRANSACTION) and i'll make current record stored in (CUSTOMERTRANSACTION)= 9 record (plus with previous record) but i want the current record which enter by current user to be stored in another table which mean each and every time if there is a transaction and that transaction will be updated in another sql table.