Hi all,
It is my first post in this forum.So plz help me, to continue.
I face some problem about class function. How i use a function value to another function.
Anybody knows how to solve this problem, plz help me.

Sohel Rana

Welcome. One piece of advice, make sure you word your questions very clearly, we don't know what you're thinking and we can't see what your working on unless you tell/show us. On that note, I would certainly love to help you, but I don't understand your question.

I think you mean that you would like to use the return value from a function as an argument for another function:

void display (int);        //declare display function

int calculate() {          //define calculate function
  return (6+4);

display( calculate() );  //call display() with calculate() return value as argument

void display(int paramValue) {  //define display()
  cout << paramValue << endl;