hi guys
i want write one program to hide process in windows.
but i dont know how... ;)
can you help me.
i want any sample and source code.

The Speed of my network is very low.
and i want downlaod any program, so i go to coffenet and
run "Internet download manager" for download.
but this program display in (windows task manager ==> processes)
and the chief master in coffenet see this program .
after i go, he close this.
i try to hide this program . :confused:
Can you help me guys ?

nope. what you propose is immoral at the very least. you plan on using computer hours in a public cafe for no charge surrepticiously. I doubt anyone here will tell you how this is done.

addition :
in the cafe.. any one has one user.
and can be save program in the hard. :rolleyes:
for example :
when you logout this system all program are close
but internet downlad manager is open.and can be continue download,
ok ?
so,i try to hide process to any one. :o

This isn't a question of difficulty or possibility, it's a question of ethics.

What you're talking about, no matter what the purpose may be, sounds unethical at best, and illegal at worst. By the same method to hide your download, someone else could hide a keylogger and steal credit card numbers, passwords, social security information, etc, and it would be hard for even experienced users to notice any problem.

There are simpler ways to prevent others from interrupting your connection.
Social engineering and being a jerk and liar.