Hi there,
I have a question in a datagridview in C# desktop application,
In one interface ha have a datagridview which has a textboxcolumn and a calendar control column, what I want to do is when the user is start typing a value in the datagridview text box column the current date shold be displayed in the datagridview calendar column.
I wrote a code but the thing is when the user has finished typing in the datagridview textbox column and press tab only the date will appear in the calendar control column, how can I chage the code so that when the user is typing in the textbox column the date to be displayed in the calendar control column??

private void dgvComm_CurrentCellDirtyStateChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
             int i = dgvComm.CurrentRow.Index;

            if (dgvComm.CurrentCell == null)

            if ((dgvComm.CurrentCell.Value != null))
                if (dgvComm.CurrentCell.ColumnIndex == 0)
                    dgvComm[1, i].Value = DateTime.Now.Date;
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