Can anyone tell me where to get started to get an md5 or sha1 checksum of a given file.

I've searced around and all I can find are utilities, I also looked at wincrypt but It seems to me that it just does passwords and strings and suchlike.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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I dowloaded from cryptopp and loaded into visual studio, and my head is just spinning looking at it all.

Its going to take me some time to just extract what I need to learn for just md5 or sha1.

I guess I just thought It would be a simple function which took a filepath and outputted a hash. As usual I was wrong, I have some serious reading to do, I'll be back in a few days I reckon.

Thank you very much for the links, they are very usefull to me and much appreciated.


Thats the ticket, superb.

I have searched for some time for an example like that, and was not aware of wincrypt.
Although it works fine, I still have some reading up on it, before I can use it.

Again, Cheers guys.


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