Dear all ,
I have the following UML Diagram and below the associated Code. Can you please help me complete the code?
Thanks in advance

I have written my UML diagram as follows.

-x : double
-y : double

+get X() :double
+getY() : double
+distance: (MyPoint1:MyPoint2):double

My code is the following and I am missing the last two methods

import java.lang.Math
public class MyPoint {
private double x,y, distance;
public MyPoint(){
y=0; // assign zero to the attribute y.
public MyPoint(double x, double y){

public getX(double x){
return x;
public getY(double y){
return y;
public double distance (MyPoint1 , MyPoint2){
// distance =

public static void main(String []args)
MyPoint MyPoint1 = new MyPoint();
MyPoint MyPoint2 = new MyPoint(10, 30.5);


}//end of class

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I think there is a problem with two of your method definitions. In the UML, you say that getX() and getY() return a double but in the code, both end up taking a double which contradicts the UML, also the method definition should have double after the word public.

finally, to calculate the distance between 2 points, use the formula:
d = square root((x2-x1)squared + (y2-y1)squared) where x1,y1,x2,y2 are the x and y-coordinates of the points.

The UML for the class MyPoint could be written as follows:

-x : double
-y : double


+getX() : double
+getY() : double

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