Hello everybody,

I am looking for a good C++ midi API.

I have written a program in C++ that needs to be able to export MIDI. So far I had written my own export function, but I feel that the complexities of low level midi coding will become to great for future more complicated (polyphonic, rythm changes, etc) music.

So I am looking for a good C++ midi api.

Ideally, I am looking for the following features:

- eport to a midi file
- import/play a midi file (optional)
- export/view score (pref pdf), or even better, editable (but I make no illusions into finding this :-) (optional)

I have lookind into:
- CFugue (seems to use jdksmidi as a source): looks good, although still in alpha stages. However, can't seem to find a way to install this. The package just contains a site of .h, .jar and .cpp files, nothing real to make or compile as a whole. Should I just copy these files somewhere?

- Csound: I think this is a bit over the top ;-)

Are there no other ones out there?

Any ideas?


Ok, I copied all of the include files in my project (which where a lot), but it seems this uses tchar.h, which is not available on linux. Too bad as it was marked cross platform.

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