Please could you show me how to use stakcs and queue to create a program that divided letters (a,b,c,d,e...x,y,z) by vowel and consonant letters.We have two stacks:in first should be vowel letters and in second consonant letters.

Thanks in advance!

hmm, that seems to be a broad prespective of information you are asking.

How far are you familiar with any programming language (C / C++ / JAVA)?

if you are not familiar then you should take a tutorial and get familiar with it first.

if you are then here is the skeleton, you can work out the operations by your self


class stackSkeleton
              int top, stack[20];
             void push(<any parameters you want>);
             void pop(<any parameters you want>);
             int current ()
                 return top;

    constructor goes here

stackSkeleton::push (int x)
    increment the stack

int stackSkeleton::pop ()
    decrement the stack here

int main () 

your main operations that handle pop and push


hope this helps you