Hi Dear Danimates....

This techie from Chennai. First let know my profile... Am a Engineering Graduate passed out in 2008. Currently am working as a Web Researcher for more than 3 years. But in my concern only i had chance to work with Perl scripting and Java tool development for last 4 months back only.....

Just i want to know that, Whether shall i try for 2+ exp in Java.... Is there any possibility to get a job....Also am not very much strong in Java.....

Also shall i try jobs in Perl scripting......

Plz let me help......

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If you don't have the experience, it's tough to fake it. Two years coding experience teaches you a lot, if you're not very strong on your java you'd probably be wasting everyone's time. Best to try to pile up the experience in other ways - contribute to open-source projects, find tools that you need at work and build those, that sort of thing.
Same thing with perl, only more so. The new guy gets the maintenance, and perl maintenance is much harder than writing the original code because the language is so flexible and perl coders take such delight in obscurity.

If you're working as a web researcher, there must be some tool that you could use to facilitate your day work. Write it. Some specialized web crawler, maybe? I dunno - look at your job and think about what piece of software would make your life easier, then make that, or some piece of it at least.

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