I've learn python and I won't say that I know it all, but I won't see anywhere except google will use python.
New programming language like python and ruby, do they have space to grow?

Python has growing support for things like OpenGL, which are huge in the sofware/games development industry. Also, there are several Python modules enabling the use of web apps or sites. There are a surprising amount of desktop programs that were programmed in Python, Blender being just one of them. So yes, I think they have space to go. Python is a much simpler language than C++, for example, but it still has great capabilities. With a bit of luck, Python could become a great language for indie game dev.

I write cobol and java mostly in my company.......these code are like monster living in our system and suck our blood.......and new language like .net is coming.....do python still have space? in fact, not many people know about it~ and how about ruby? I heard that it is very simple and very easy to use, but where will we use ruby, and who will use it?

Well Ruby isn't so popular these days, but Ruby on Rails is used a fair bit for the web, but again it's not Ruby as such. Yeah I'm trying to learn a bit of Ruby at the moment, just to broaden my horizons.

New programming language like python and ruby, do they have space to grow?

New? Python? It's about 20 years old! Heck, Python 2.0 is more than 10 years old...

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LOL I never knew that! It's still in full development, so I guess it's becoming better with age.

Are you kidding? Most applications on ubuntu is written in Python. Python is used extensively in teaching computer science. It's used to write plugins and scripts for applications like blender.

It's also used very extensively by web companies as a PHP alternative.

Standalone applications written in python also has a lot of space.

I really wish Python would be utilized more often, it is a really great language and has so much capability it's shocking. Sure, it's typically not as quick as C++ (heavy computation usually), but do we really care about the fastest execution times in everyday computing? Doubtful. I much prefer a quick development time. Sure, C++ is great for scientific computing and what not, but Python can interface with other languages for enhance execution time for some tasks.

I've heard that YouTube uses Python for it's backend. And NASA utilizes Python as well. Regarding widespread use of Python, this website (http://www.tiobe.com/index.php/content/paperinfo/tpci/index.html) actually shows Python is increasing in popularity!

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