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i need help with the 5th case in the submenu!

Several 2-dimensional geometric shapes, area, and a program for environmental accounts are required to be made. To do this, first run the program in a main menu displayed on the screen as follows:
1. Area Calculation
2. Perimeter Calculation
3. Released
Please enter your selection:

User, [1-3] enters a value outside the range of selection should be asked again. The user enters a value of 3, make sure that you want to quit should be asked whether, if it is not sure dönülmeli to the main menu again, treat the orks grounds to believe the program. Enters the value of 1 or 2, the selection sub-menu displayed on the screen like the following figure:
1. Square
2. Rectangle
3. Triangle
4. Apartment
5. Main Menu
Please enter your selection:

User, [1-5] enters a value outside the range of selection should be asked again. The user enters the value 5, the main menu dönülmelidir. [1-4] enters a value in the range of the selected geometric shape, area / perimeter needed to calculate the edge / radius length value (s) (real number) should be taken and the user / environment account be printed by the result screen. Then, the user again for the same type of shape / environment does not want the account should be asked whether you want to do, wants to re-value the required length (s) should be carried out based on the calculation process, if n or N is entered, you should go back to the sub-menu.
1. Length values of geometric shapes is taken to be expected until the user enters a value greater than 0.
2. Answer yes / no questions which sorulurken, the user [Y / y / N / n] to be expected until one of the characters.
3. The main purpose of this assignment, modular programming (sub-program) to strengthen the logic. Implementation of the lower level of the desired menu options, or more common business components will be available. Therefore, both the problem and the appropriate code to the division of the logical components in order to reuse parts, the creation of the necessary functions and is expected to be used. Possible actions that may function: the main menu to be displayed and the user selection menu is displayed and the user the choice of sub-menus of each option to be numeric and character to a specific type of data the user to the appropriate constraints to be
Each figure for the required length for the type (s) in the taking (the next course will be explained the functions return multiple values) for each type of shape the environment for the calculation of the field calculation ... Each type of shape (Apart from these necessary until you see the function you want to define and use it.)
4. In addition, using a global variable, and at least one function recursive of nature is expected.