I think I will just keep the program as it is with the switch.....it may not be the best way of determining turns and such but this isn't about that. It is a display of my knowledge over manipulating 2D arrays.
Thank you for all your help though and sorry I was unable to properly perform the boolean function.

As you wish, I still think you need to look at this post and with a tiny bit of manipulation you won't have to ask the players who's turn it is.
Good luck, please mark the thread as solved :)

Thank you very much for your help I really appreciated it and the time you have spent on this post ^_^
As for your boolean.....it was confusion more or less based off of where to place my own code and how to make it work with yours. I suppose something like that would of made more sense to me as a separate method where I would use it in my main in an if else that would (if true) let me go ahead with my other methods. Sort of like my isFilled boolean allowed me to move ahead. My apologies on not being able to understand this =( and hopefully this doesn't drop me even further down the ladder on understanding java.

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