how to pass a variable (click a link) from page1.html to page2.html, and than according with the variabel execute a certain function?

(this will be my script in java :o )


I believe you want javascript, but not sure. Unless you want to use JSP.

passing data between pages is always a matter of setting that data up as request parameters, either using a script to create the request string on the fly or by sending it as html form fields.

Thank you both.

i'll return with a more specific question, i need to search more information.

Anyway, what i trying to do is:

I have an swf file embed in lets say xxx.html, an what i want is that when i click a link in yyy.html the swf file goes to a certain label or label or ...

the file where the swf is embeb already has buttons whit javascrit to control the swf, i thought ...

if by chance you understand, my bad english and what i need, maybe you can point me a tutorial.

thank you once more.


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