Hi Everone,

How do I remotely access my computer - I want to be able to control the mouse and keyboard and view the screen in real time. I wanted to do this in Java, but the experts sent me here because Java is not platform dependent and C++ is. Thanks.

My first question would be, what's wrong with this?

I understand that this already exists, but I want to create my own (I want to learn what's behind those programs). I also want to learn about that type of networking. Basically, I want to make one from scratch.


VNC is open source, so you can see how they do it and then work out your own scheme from the knowledge you get reading their code. This isn't a trivial project, so we can't really help you without a better idea of what you're capable of.

Thanks for helping Narue, but I would really like to program one from scratch. Any tutorial would be awesome.

There are no tutorials, which is why I haven't already linked you to one. Read existing code to see how they did it, then you'll be in a better position to write your own from scratch. How hard is that to understand?

Ghost, just as Narue said, there isn't a tutorial for this. Creating a full-featured remote access system is a task much larger than could be covered in a tutorial. If you could find a tutorial for each required piece of such a program, you would easily have to combine the information and procedures used in 30+ tutorials.

If creating such a program were simple enough to be tutorialized, companies would have a hard time selling the software for hundreds of dollars.

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