HI! could anyone help me out in editing the following code so that the list of number is displayed in ascending order. thanks.

#include <iostream.h>

void main()
    int count;
    cout << "Enter a number: ";
    cin >> count;
    while (count > 0)
   cout << count << endl;


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No one here will re-write it for you (or at least they shouldn't).

Right now you're taking the user's input and counting down.

I suggest you start by first establishing a way to count up from (0) to a certain max value (10 for example).

Once you figure that out, adapt it to stop at the user's input value instead.

A suggestion, you may want to consider using a for loop instead of a while loop, they're better for this type of thing.

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ya thanks for reply. i wasnt expecting a rewrite though. i just a jump start a hint to make it work. and i only need to use while loop.


>>...i just a jump start a hint to make it work. and i only need to use while loop.
I gave you a hint. Here's another:
Don't use the decrement operator. Use the increment operator instead, then adjust your loop's control condition accordingly.

If you have to use a while loop, it's doable, just less convenient.

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