Hello everybody. Is it possible to overlap picture boxes in a flowlayoutpanel. I am trying to learn visual c#. I want to create a card game for practice with four players but only show the hand of the main player as one might set their cards in hand in real life( each card overlapping the card before it, last card

fully visible). I like how the flowlayoutpanel reduces in size when an item is removed or visibilty is set to false. If this is not workable then how might I program what I aim to achieve? Could I possibly customly build such a control to do so and how so?

My personal preference would be to use a single picture box (one for each hand) and do the image overlap in the paint event.
However, as a beginner, you might find it easier to create you own custom cardHand control that overlaps the card image picture boxes.

Either way sounds tough to me being that I wouldn't know where to begin. Honestly, creating the custom control sounds more flexible. I don't know how much control using a single picture box would give me over each of the card drawings. I am very appreciative that you gave me a good staring point though. I will keep the single picturebox technique in mind. Thanks Nick!

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