Hello I am new to this community and newbie to c language. I want to code for modulus operator (%) in c.. Need Help.

Thanks in Advance

% operator is use to divide number, but it output the remainder of the number .exp:4%3=1. 5%3=2.

The mod operator is simply the remainder after division. For example, 4%2 is 0 because the remainder after 4/2 is 0. The mod operator works only on integers, not floats or doubles. There is no code to give you because that's all it is -- a simple 5th grade math operation.

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i know how (%) op works,but i need to calculate reminder without using it.

Then just use normal division (either float or double). After doing the divion you can call modf() to split the variable into integer and fractional parts. Certainly a lot easier to just use % operator.

Actually, i was asked this question." How would you calculate reminder of two ints without using modulus operator ?"
and i am so confused about it.

just like I said

int a = 40;
int b = 3;
double intpart = 0;
double result = (double)a/b;
double fract = modf(result,&intpart);
int result = (int)fract*10; // convert 0.3333... to just 3

Try this one also..

# include <stdio.h>

int main(){
    int a=10,b=3,reminder;
    // suppose you want a%b.

     reminder = a -(a/b)*b;
     printf("\n\n  Reminder of %d/%d is %d",a,b,reminder);
     return 0;

This will also work like % operator..

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Thank You so much, I really appriciate this help, thanks again