Hi all,
I need a help from you.

I'm writing a c++ console program that only accept only positive number.
If the user enter an invalid number like negative and string, I want to display like

cout << "Enter a number";

I want to loop this message until user enter valid input.
I'm using an integer variable for cin.
So if the user enter string input, the program occurs error.
I don't know how to loop for that condition bcoz I assumed that user may also enter string as invalid input.
So if the user enter negative number or string, I want to display again and again this message.

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hai friend
i think you can get some idea by seeing this..
Just enter either the number or the string an store in it a char array
And later u may use isnum() to check whether it is a number or a character...

Scan String thn use a function like

int isNum(char c)
    if ( c < '0' || c > '9' ) return -1; 
    return c - '0';

Function works for single char .. you may try for string ..
or else u can use same function for every char of the string and check return value for them all..

This may help u more

// Returns 1 if number or o if its strings
int isNumber(char num[])
	int i = 0;
	int flag = 1;
		flag = 0;
   return flag;