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Hello all,

I'm a new guy on this block <bowing> I have completed my "Advanced" VB.NET class this year, yet I still feel no more evolved than a newbie. So please please - be gentle <Grin>

My question involves the creation of the actual database file. I have played around with enough tutorials to inspire me to create my own, however the beginner codes I've been working with used pre-made Access database files. What I would like to know is:

a> Do all datagrid/SQL .NET codes require a premade ACCESS DB table?
In other words, would I begin by creating a file using ACCESS?
I would prefer to make a database independently from ACCESS.
If this is the only way, could anyone give me a heads up, or a link that would give me a quick overview of whats needed?

b> Is using the non-Access SQL method the same? Does one have advantage over the other?

Thank you for your patience.

The Bug

PS I am using .net 2008 Express edition