Hi guys,

jfugue is a jar file for music programming.

I had run some example from jfugue.. it plays the song.

But may i know does jfugue has the method to display the musical notation?

N what should i do if i wish to display musical notation as output in Java NetBean IDE.

Please advise.

I have been searching for many times d... but most thing i found is the finalized program.

I m still searching the way how to display the notation with JAVA programming.

Many Thanks!

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hi thanks for your tag... i have gone tru the website b4 i post my threasd here. N the example provided as just playing the sound but not displaying the notation.

Please advise.

Many thanks.


1. download sources
2. create nb new project
3. put com folder to nb src folder
4. download http://www.jfugue.org/jfugue-chapter1.pdf
5. run a Test Program from 4.
6. with sources, docs, examples you can answer your questions
Look at the methods in org.jfugue.Player class.

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Hi thanks for you reply.

I have tried on the program before (even in the examples source code provided) i post my question. But it still give only the sound as output.

I wish to display the music score instead.

Can advise further which example does display the output as music score?

As i am still looking for the alternative.

Really get stucked in here.

many Thanks!

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