Can anyone be kind enough to teach me how to create programs that are sport related. Such as a program for a football/soccer league that does the following:
Store players names, numbers, team, goals scored, etc. Show goal difference, league standings of teams. Be able to log information such as comments and numbers.

Just simply a program that would cover the administrative needs of a soccer/football league.
Help please. Any one.

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Here on Daniweb you won't get much help without showing some effort of yourself. What have you done yourself? Have you ever programmed in C++ before? If not, start doing (hands-on) tutorials.

cout<<"Show some effort dude:"<<endl;

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It sounds like you don't know a whole lot about programming in general. Is there a special reason why you want to attempt this in C++? If not, I would suggest that you make a spreadsheet in Excel (or your favourite open source spreadsheet program). You could have the names, teams, goals, etc. as in different columns and then easily do sums on the numbers to generate the statistics that you want.

Basically, unless you have this project in mind with the specific aim of learning C++, it will be about 10,000 times faster to make a spreadsheet.

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