when would i ever/when would it be a good idea, to ever explicitly use
__int8 nSmall; // Declares 8-bit integer
__int16 nMedium; // Declares 16-bit integer
__int32 nLarge; // Declares 32-bit integer
__int64 nHuge; // Declares 64-bit integer

over regular int?? in your program

When you want your program to be portable

Excuse me? Don't you mean not portable?

You wouldn't use them. IMO, they are unnecessary.

if i compiled a program on a 64bit PC would it not work on a 32bit/16 bit machine then? or would it work?

so....would a program compiled on a 64bit pc not work for a 32 bit pc?

That really depends since you can create 32 bit PC programs with 64 bit PC compilers.

so what determines wether it only works for a 64 bit system??

If memory addresses are 64 bit then it'll only work on a 64 bit CPU.

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