I want to display the data in the 2 column of PDF using iTextsharp. Like this way e.g.

Q.1 aaaaaa Q.5 eeeeeeeeeee

Q.2 bbbbbb Q.6 fffffffffff

Q.3 cccccc Q.7 ggggggggggg

Q.4 dddddd Q.8 hhhhhhhhhhh

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Q.8 aaaaaa Q.12 eeeeeeeeeee

Q.9 bbbbbb Q.13 fffffffffff

Q.10 cccccc Q.14 ggggggggggg

Q.11 dddddd Q.15 hhhhhhhhhhh

I can done it by using count but it's not working if the question length is min/max . how i can done it manually.

can anybody help me...............

I am looking article that you are provided but its not completely understood for me. The PDF displayed in Tabular Format. I want to display the records in 1 row and tow columns. like ex..
1 6
2 7
3 8
4 9
5 10

nxt page

11 15
12 16
13 17
14 18