can any one highlight the overheads in goto statement

biggest overheads with goto is having your peers laugh at you.Also a goto in a function will make life hard for the optimiser to do its job properly so your function may go unoptimised. It is not particularly dangerous to use but it does have a habit of making code hard to follow. I only ever use it to break out of deeply nested loops where a break statement just wont do and an extra variable with comparisons would be too much overhead or complication. This is probably the only acceptable use for goto and even then most will go with the extra variable solution. In several places where Ive worked a goto is enough to violate the coding standard.

I have heard gotos are really vln, I wouldn't use them.
but if you must know:

blah blah statments
goto start;

i think.

Dont use them... i did once in a program and lost beaucoups of points... so i dont recommend it.

>biggest overheads with goto is having your peers laugh at you.
Amen. Of course, I would say that the biggest overhead at first is constantly having to defend your decision to use a goto. Even if you use it intelligently, there are armies of the ignorant waiting to flame you for it because "goto is evil".

But it gets worse. The more your peers respect you, the less they'll try to second guess your decisions and the more they'll try to emulate you. Therein lies the danger of goto because even if you know how to use it, and when to use it, a bunch of people who hear how "Narue's code is awesome" and see how that "awesome code" used goto will probably use it too, but not in the right way. ;)

Of course, that still doesn't stop me from using goto when I feel the need, even if I don't feel the need often.

my company forbids use of goto, and it is strictly enforced during peer review. Yes, programmers are NOT free to just code any way they wish -- there are coding standards and the code is periodically reviewed to insure those standards are followed. There is absolutely never justification for its (goto) use.

>my company forbids use of goto, and it is strictly enforced during peer review.
I'm lucky enough that my company trusts its programmers to know what they're doing. We enforce good code through the senior programmers teaching and setting a good example, and it works amazingly well. Naturally there are coding standards, but they're far more lenient than most places and meant primarily for consistency between modules. Still, you're unlikely to find any code with a goto. ;)

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